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Empowering Watershed Advocates with our Water Leaders Program

Water Matters works with citizens who are actively working to advance protection of Alberta's watersheds.

Water Matters has a new program aiming to cultivate and harness the energy and talent of watershed leaders in Alberta. Through our Water Leaders program we will partner with local watershed advocates working on local issues to advance better protection of Alberta's watersheds. We recognize the need for effective voices at the grassroots levels to strengthen the networks among those concerned about water and water-related issues in Alberta.

With support from Alberta Ecotrust and the Walter Duncan Gordon Foundation, our new program will work with ten leaders in Alberta over the next year to enhance their efforts to protect Alberta's water in the long term.

Water Matters will support watershed leaders in a number of ways.

1. We will provide expert policy advice or research support that assesses and articulates the issues, challenges, and solutions involved in the long-term protection of local watersheds.

2. We will provide capacity-building support to enable groups to be more effective organizations.

3. We will support organizations on their efforts to bring attention to the issues they are concerned about.

Ongoing communication and dialogue among groups like Water Matters and local watershed leaders are crucial to advance watershed protection for safe drinking water, reliable water supplies, and aquatic ecosystems as priorities. Environmental organizations and local watershed groups must be leaders and supply regular input on both emerging issues and ongoing implementation of the Water for Life Strategy.

Alberta Ecotrust Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation