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Water Conservation

Water Matters promotes water conservation as a means to improve watershed protection.

Water conservation practices that reduce overall water consumption can help to alleviate the stress on our water sources. Alberta's per capita water consumption is among the highest in the world. However, our demands are out of sync with our water supply.

River flows in Alberta have diminished due to the significant and growing demands for water by municipalities, agriculture, and the commercial and industrial sectors. River flows will be further compromised in the future by the impacts of global climate change.

The cumulative effect of changing day-to-day practices by everyone - including households and other major water users - will have long lasting generational effects. At Water Matters we believe that every little bit helps when it comes to water conservation.

Our Work

GO BLUE Water Matters researches and shares useful information on water consumption and tools and techniques for conservation practices with the public. We also work with government and industry to find ways to implement the 30 percent water efficiency and productivity target of Alberta's Water for Life strategy.

Urban/Municipal Water

Water Matters builds awareness of urban and municipal water use to encourage individuals to reduce their water consumption.

The average Canadian uses over 10,000 litres of water each month. There are several areas inside and outside the home where you can incorporate simple water conservation strategies. Read more...

Large Water Users

Water Matters has collaborated with government and industry to develop a framework for the development of water conservation plans by every major water-using sector. Read more...