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Alberta's Water for Life Strategy

Water Matters encourages the successful adoption and implementation of sustainable watershed management plans and programs across Alberta.

Water for Life: Alberta's Strategy for Sustainability (2003) embraces a watershed approach to water management planning that allows for tandem management of water and land issues. It advocates a collaborative multi-stakeholder governance model. If implemented it has the potential to greatly improve the ways Albertans think about and use water. This strategy could potentially position Alberta as leader in protecting watersheds. While Water for Life is a well-designed strategy, uneven progress in implementing the strategy's actions has limited its effectiveness to date. (Source: Renewal Report)

Water for LifeWater for Life confirms the Government of Alberta is accountable for and oversees water and watershed management activities in the province. As a new dimension for water and watershed management in the province, Water for Life establishes three new types of partnerships as integral to stewardship of our water resources:

  • Provincial Water Advisory Council
  • Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils
  • Watershed Stewardship Groups

Each of these partnerships has a different but compatible role, and each involves interested Albertans in the planning and implementation of improved water and watershed management throughout the province. (Source: Water for Life)

What is the Alberta Water Council?

The Alberta Water Council (AWC) provides guidance on the implementation of Water for Life. Learn more about the AWC and Water Matters' role on it...

What role do WPACs and WSGs play?

Watershed Planning Advisory Coucils (WPACs) play an important role in watershed planning and fostering stewardship activities within a watershed.

Watershed Stewardship Groups (WSGs) work on the ground to protect their local waters. These groups play an important role in water management in the province.

Learn more about WPACs and WSGs...